On the Move

31st January 2017

Dowdeswell Parts Services

‘On the Move’


Dowdeswell Parts Services are on the move, not very far just relocating to another building on the same site to make us a more compact unit with the parts manufacturing section. All phone, fax and e-mail addresses remain the same.

We expect this to take about 4 weeks and hopefully will not result in any major disruption to the dispatching of parts orders. We will also be moving phone, fax and internet lines so there may be the odd day when the phones or e-mails take a little longer to be answered. If you do have any problems contacting us on the normal numbers, the following mobile numbers are available, although mobile signal on our site is not the best.

07860 929606 or 07388292370

Moving Out

                   ' Moving Out'

Moving In

                         'Moving  In'