Genuine Dowdeswell Spare Parts

Dowdeswell Parts Services supply genuine parts for the following machines:

Ploughs – all models
Furrow press – towed and front mounted
Front Press linkage and Furrow Press Arms – all models
Disc Harrows – 55 series, 77 series, 84 series, 88 series
Speed Harra – all models
Flotilla MK1 – V form model Subsoiler (ex-Petit)
Flotilla MK2 – Subsoiler / cultivator
TDC – Cultivator
Rolla-tilla – Cultivator
Speed-tilla – Cultivator
Ransomes plough body parts – to fit UCN, SCN, RCN, YCN, & Barpoint bodies

See the Products section for details, pictures, parts and instruction manuals.

A comprehensive spares service with over 30 years experience providing parts through our dealer network to keep you working when you need to be.

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Dowdeswell 100 Series FS (Fixed furrow width, Shearbolt protection) and the FR (Fixed furrow width, auto-Reset protection) ploughs. Available from 3 to 5 furrows with a range of options.

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