Harrows: 77 Series Disc Harrow

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Produced by Dowdeswell from 1984 to 2006

This machine, previously produced by Pettit, was acquired by Dowdeswell in 1984. It was available in 7 models ranging from 2.7m to 5.5m in fixed width, manual folding and hydraulic folding options, which were suitable for tractors from 75 to 160 hp.  Features included:

  • Hydraulic depth control
  • 50mm gang shafts
  • Plain or Cutaway disc option in 610 or 660mm.
  • Easy adjust Gang Angle
  • Self levelling Drawbar
  • Levelling Disc with scraper
  • Optional Hydraulic Gang Angling (for hydraulic folding models)
  • Optional Heavy duty Bearings for 4.5m & 5.5m models.

A full specification sheet showing the sizes available can be found in the download section below the images.

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