Misc.: Massey Disc Plough 765 (DDP)

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power
Tractor Ploughing Position
Weight (Kg)
Furrow Width


We have parts available for the Massey Fergussen Disc plough model 765. See Pictures opposite and list on file attached or below:

MF No           Dowd No       Description

353695X1      900870         Bolt 7/16" x 1"

319422M1      900922        Bolt 1" x 5-7/8"

660136M1      900923        Bolt 1" x 5-1/8"

660137M1      900934        Bolt 1" x 4-1/4"

1850224M91  901528        Bearing - Wheel inner

353865X1       901652        Carriage Bolt



Additional Information

  • Currently in production: No