New British Built Reset Plough Available

2nd January 2019

Since the closure of Dowdeswell Engineering in 2015 farmers wishing to buy a new reset plough have had to buy an imported machine as there has not been a British built reset plough on the market.

Dunn’s ploughs in collaboration with Dowdeswell Parts Services have been producing 3 to 5 furrow Dowdeswell style shear bolt ploughs under their own name for the last 2 years. They have now introduced a reset version of their DN205 and DN100 models. The plough features an independent hydraulic reset on each body on a 4 point front pivot. The DN205HR is available in 4 or 5 furrow versions for tractors up to 210HP and the DN100HR in 4 or 5 furrow version for tractors up to 140HP.

DN205HR 5 Furrow, DDS Bodies, WR Pin Skims

Hydraulic Reset Assembly                                                                    DN205HR Testing

Both ploughs are available with a selection of bodies including DD, DDS, D-slat, UCN, SCN and YCN. Simply adjustable pin skims are fitted as standard and discs can be fitted on all bodies if required. Various wheel options are available from a simple V-twin no fuss assembly to single wheel heavy duty depth/transport version.

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