Ploughs: 100 Series FS & FR

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power 140 hp
Tractor Ploughing Position In Furrow Only
Furrows 3 basic, 4 (3+1), 4 basic, 5 (4+1)
Weight (Kg) 1,020 - 1640kg incl UCN bodies, skims and rear discs
Underbeam FS: 28” (71 cm), FR: 27” (69 cm)
Furrow Width Fixed 14” or 16”


The Dowdeswell 100 Series three to five furrow ploughsAvailable in Three to Five furrow versions, the 100 Series ploughs can be specified in shearbolt form with 14” or 16” fixed (FS) furrow widths or in auto-reset form with 14” or 16” fixed (FR) furrow widths.

A range of fully mounted, reversible ploughs with a fixed furrow width – suitable for tractors of up to 140hp working in the furrow.

The Dowdeswell range of 100 Series fixed width ploughs have been specifically designed to meet the needs of farmer’s where high performance, ease of use and cost are of prime concern.

Dowdeswell’s renowned quality engineering has been built into this plough range which, together with our full two year warranty, offers outstanding value.


Depth Wheel or Depth / Transport Wheel

The shearbolt (FS) plough features a side mounted pneumatic or steel depth wheel with independent left and right hand depth adjustment and hydraulic damper, for a smooth shock free turnover.

The auto-reset (FR) plough features a rear mounted pneumatic or steel depth wheel with independent left and right hand depth adjustment on a castoring bracket and hydraulic damper, for a smooth shock free turnover.

A combination depth / transport wheel can be fitted as a cost option on the shearbolt models. It has a spanerless depth adjustment and single pin movement from working position to transport position, allowing the plough to be transported in the ‘butterfly’ position.


Top Link Alignment & Hydraulic Offset

Patented parallel sideshift allows easy, hydraulically operated, on-the-move adjustment of the front furrow width and matching to the tractor wheel widths.

Turnbuckle adjustment of the beam angle allows for simple setting of the plough alignment initially and when changing furrow widths to ensure the tractor top link is true.


Headstock & Turnover

A robust headstock with a choice of top and bottom link positions at Category 2 sizes.

Hydraulically operated Auto-Changeover valve.  Independent left and right hand verticality adjusters.


Auto-Reset System

Patented Six ball pivot system allows the body to trip sideways to either side as well as vertically. 

The coil spring acts via a simple lever and tension rod for ease of adjustment and maintenance.

The Dowdeswell system allows for a very high point lift with the geometry designed so the spring loading reduces as the body rises clear of the ground.

Additional Information


Dowdeswell UCN MouldboardUCN

Standard on all ploughs

The UCN body is a general-purpose unit recommended for all soil types at depths from 5” to 10”.  The UCN has a steeper breast than the YCN giving a faster turn to the soil, promoting complete inversion with good breakage.

Dowdeswell UCN and SCN plough point Point:  Choice of a large reversible point or a small (single bolt fixing) reversible point which gives better penetration and improves the soil flow across the mouldboard.

Wing:  Choice of 16” (standard wing) or 18” (wide wing for widths up to 18”)

Ordering Code Point Option Wing Option
UCN-NS Small Std
UCN-NW Small Wide
UCN-LS Large Std
UCN-LW Large Wide


Dowdeswell SCN MouldboardSCN

Option - Extra £45 per pair

The SCN is a digger version of the UCN, suited to all soil types.  It is capable of working deeper (up to 12”) than the UCN and is ideal for dealing with heavy residues or for work ahead of root crops.  Dowdeswell UCN and SCN plough pointThe SCN is offered with a choice of large or small points, either of which can be matched with a wide or small wing to suit the selected ploughing width.

Ordering Code Point Option Wing Option
UCN-NS Small Std
UCN-NW Small Wide
UCN-LS Large Std
UCN-LW Large Wide


SCN Bar Point

Option - Extra £55 per pair

Has the same characteristics as the SCN body with the additional feature of a sprung loaded Bar Point for extra protection in difficult stone conditions.

Ordering Code: SCN-BP


Dowdeswell DD plough mouldboardDD

Option - Extra £170 per pair

The DD was developed specifically to cater for a wide range of ploughing depths and widths.  It can work comfortably at 6” to 14” deep and at widths from 12” to 20”.  Of general purpose design, the DD has better scouring characteristics than the UCN and is suited also to work in lighter land at both shallower and deeper settings.  Dowdeswell DD plough wingThe DD’s design allows tyres of up to 24” wide to be accommodated within the furrow bottom – up to 4” greater than the UCN.
Point:  The DD has a small, single bolt, reversible point.
Wing:  Choice of a standard or wide wing is available.

Ordering Code Wing Option
DD-NW Wide


Dowdeswell plough DDS mouldboardDDS

Option - Extra £150 per pair

Using the same backing parts as the DD, the DDS body benefits from the same scouring characteristics as the full DD body but in a shallower version, suitable for ploughing from 4” to 10” in depth and from 12” to 20” in width.
Point:  The DDS has a small, single bolt, reversible point.
Wing:  Choice of a standard or wide wing is available.

Ordering Code Wing Option


Dowdeswell plough YCN mouldboardYCN

Option - Extra £85 per pair

Traditionally known as a “ley” body, this long, slim design is used predominantly for shallower work at depths from 2” to 8”.  The YCN is a low pressure mouldboard, well suited to sticky soils which do not scour easily. Dowdeswell plough point for YCN mouldboardFor extreme conditions, Dowdeswell offers a flush-fitting point in place of the standard reversible point which sits on top of the wing.  Recommended ploughing widths are from 12” to 16”.

Ordering Code Point Option
YCN-RP Reversible
YCN-FP Flush


Dowdeswell plough slatted M-Slatt mouldboardM-SLATT

Option - Extra £187 per pair

A specialist body with individually replaceable slats.  

Particularly suited to light-fluffy, sticky or peaty soils.  Suitable for work at depths from 5” to 12” and working widths from 12” to 18”.
Dowdeswell plough M-Slatt body reversible plough pointA reversible point is available as an after-sales item, which bolts over the existing non-reversible point.

Ordering Code: SLATTED-MB


Dowdeswell plough D-Slatt mouldboardD-SLATT

Option - Extra £178 per pair

A multipurpose body with individually replaceable slats.  Particularly suited to light-fluffy, sticky or peaty soils.  Suitable for work at depths from 5” to 12” and working widths from 12” to 20”.

Ordering Code: SLATTED-DB

Please quote skim option when ordering.

All plough prices include skims on either rectangular or round skim stalks.

A near essential component, the skim removes a portion of the outside edge of the furrow being inverted, placing it and any vegetation into the furrow bottom to be covered by the turning furrow.  Working without skims, the mouldboard would struggle to achieve complete trash burial.

Dowdeswell plough skim - rectangular stalk shapeRectangular Skim Stalks

Sole fitment on all Dowdeswell shearbolt ploughs except the 100 Series range they have a fixed working angle.  The rectangular stalk benefits from having a pin and hole series for simple, spanner-less, depth adjustment.
The rectangular shank skim is standard fitment on all ploughs.

Round Stalk Skim

Option on all 100 Series models and Resets.

Round Stalk ‘K’ Type Skim

This is a general purpose skim fitted as standard to all Dowdeswell ploughs. Suitable for work on grassland or stubble, the ’K’ copes well with trashy conditions and can be used also at a wide range of furrow widths.

Round Stalk ‘J’ Type Skim

Developed originally for use with crawler ploughs, the ‘J’ skim uses the same point and wing as the ‘K’ but has a 20º  flatter working angle giving it good soil flow characteristics at slower forward speeds and in heavy soils.

Dowdeswell plough skimSkim Kit

Option - £255 per pair

For fitting to an existing plough.


Option - less £205 per pair.

If skims are not required for a new plough.

Dowdeswell plough disc coulterDisc Coulters

Available as an option, disc coulters are still specified on the rearmost furrow of more than 90 per cent of the ploughs supplied by Dowdeswell.
The purpose of the rear disc is to leave a clean cut vertical furrow wall to assist the driver on the subsequent pass across the field.
A choice of plain or cutaway discs can be specified, the latter being better suited to cutting through surface trash and vegetation, particularly when working close to hedges when ploughing out the headland.

Knife Coulter on a Dowdeswell ploughKnife Coulter

Option - £25 per pair
Bolted to the side of the frog or between the point and the wing, knife coulters are a lower cost and lighter alternative to discs, being particularly suited for use in heavy land. In heavier soils, a knife coulter will produce a clean vertical cut between the furrows, eliminating lateral tear to help ensure that a constant furrow width is maintained. The cutting action through the soil of the knife coulter also reduces wear on the shin. They are not recommended for stony ground.

Trashboards on Dowdeswell ploughTrashboards

Option - Heavy land (curved) £63 per pair
Suitable for fitting to the top leading edge of all Dowdeswell bodies, trashboards are designed as an effective alternative to skims in heavy trash conditions. Removing the skim increases clearances between the bodies to minimise the risk of plough blockage. The trashboard prevents soil and other material riding over the mouldboard and diverts the top edge of the furrow and vegetation down into the turning furrow, layering trash between the furrow slices.  Trashboards work better in light land as their shape prevents effective scouring of heavy or clinging soils. Setting should be carried out in the field according to the ploughing depth and the level of surface residues.

Furrow splitter on a Dowdeswell ploughFurrow Splitter

Option - £27 per pair
Available for the DD, DDs and UCN/SCN bodies (when fitted with the small point option) the furrow splitter is used to slice the underside of the furrow as it turns allowing for better soil weathering. As the furrow splitter is bolted between the point and wing it requires very little downtime for replacement when compared with a weld on alternative.
Note: Knife Coulters and Furrow Splitters cannot be used together.

Subsoiler blade on a Dowdeswell ploughSubsoiler Blades

Option - £47 per pair (not available on YCN)
Primarily a heavy land accessory, the subsoiler blade is bolted to the side of the frog in place of the landside. Passing through the 6” of soil below maximum ploughing depth, the blade fractures and eases compaction beneath the mouldboard without bringing the subsoil to the surface. The number of subsoiler blades fitted to the plough is determined by the degree of compaction and the available tractor horsepower.  The resistance provided by four subsoiler blades is approximately equivalent to adding an extra furrow to the plough.

Furrow widener on a Dowdeswell ploughFurrow Wideners

Option - £168 per pair (state body type & tyre size when ordering)
Fitted to the rearmost body of the plough, the furrow widener breaks and removes the rear furrow wall to enable oversize tyres of up to 32” to be accommodated on the subsequent ploughing pass. The use of a furrow widener is advised when using a tractor fitted with tyres wider than 24” to prevent the wheels running on top of and compacting the previously turned final furrow. Furrow wideners are available in 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” widths to suit different sizes of tyre.

Tailpiece on a Dowdeswell ploughTail Pieces (DD & DD’S)

Option - £23 per pair
Used mainly on heavy ground, the tail piece is fitted to the outermost edge of the mouldboard and is used to close off the furrow if the mouldboard alone will not do so.  This is more common when ploughing speed is reduced and the turning furrow will not finish its turn under its own weight.
Tail pieces are included within the standard cost on UCN, SCN and YCN bodies.

Extra Underbeam Clearance

Option - £42 per pair (check for availability)