Ploughs: 100 Series HA

Max Horse Power 140
Tractor Ploughing Position IN FURROW
Furrows 3 TO 5
Weight (Kg)
Underbeam VARIOUS
Furrow Width 12-18"


100 Series HA (Manufactured 1992 to 2005)

The 100 HA was a hydraulically adjustable furrow width version of the 100 series range. Available from 3-5 furrows with 36" point to point and furrow width infinately variable from 12"-18". Aimed at contractors or farmers with large variations in soil type allowing for rapid adjustment of the furrow width to get maximum work output from the plough.

Originally supplied with a depth only dampered depth wheel, later models used the DP7/DF120 type castor wheel which adjusted automatically for changing furrow widths.

Supplied with the standard round skim assembly but can be retrofitted with the 'pin' type square shank skims.

Additional Information


Availble on rear furrow only. Cutaway or plain disc normally 18".