Ploughs: 110 Series MA & MR Plough (2004-2007)

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power 170
Tractor Ploughing Position IN FURROW
Furrows 4 -6
Weight (Kg) 1470 - 2010
Underbeam 30"
Furrow Width 12-18"


The 110 Series plough is a range of heavy duty reversible ploughs with manual furrow width adjustment (12-18") suitable for tractors upto 170hp working in the furrow. Available in shearbolt (MA) and auto-reset (MR) format. Cat 2/3 headstock.

Fitted with customer specified body option. 'Square' shank pin adjustable skims as standard . Standard depth transport wheel. Hydraulic beam alignment and manual front furrow width. Optional rear disc.

Additional Information


Square pin adjustable skims.

Rear only, cutaway or plain.


Knife coulter


Furrow splitter

Furrow widener