Ploughs: 120 Series MA & MR

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power 260
Tractor Ploughing Position IN FURROW ONLY
Furrows 3 TO 6
Weight (Kg) 1540kg TO 2150kg
Underbeam 28.5" (72CM) OR 30" (76CM)
Furrow Width 12 TO 18


Manufactured from MA model - 1992 to 2004, MR model 1993 to 2000.          .

The Dowdeswell 120 Series DELTA_FURRA was a heavy duty range of fully mounted reversible ploughs with manual furrow width adjustment, suitable for tractors up to 260hp.

With furrow width adjustable by 6 inches it is possible to select the right width for the soil type and conditions, maximise workrate and optimise tractor power usage.

The 120 Series was available in Shearbolt from 4 to 6 furrows and Auto-Reset from 3 to 5 furrows. All ploughs were fitted with a depth/transport wheel and skims as standard. Rear disc was an optional extra.

Additional Information


At the time of manufacture body types available were:


However as most machines will have usually had a couple of owners it is possible that other bodies may have been fitted or changed from the original factory specification.

All ploughs would have been fitted with "Round" bar skims from the factory but may have been retro-fitted to the "Square" type at a later date.

Disc was an optional exrta, cutaway or plain type disc available.

The standard selection of accesories were available for this range:


Knife Coulter


Furrow wideners