Ploughs: 160 Series MA

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power Max 200
Tractor Ploughing Position ON LAND ONLY
Furrows Shearbolt 4-7, Reset 4-6
Weight (Kg) 2170 - 2718
Underbeam 27 -30
Furrow Width 36"


Manufactured from 1994 to 2005

The Dowdeswell 160 Series DELTA-FURRA is a heavy duty fully mounted reversible plough suitable for crawlers or wheeled tractors working on the land.

The 160 Series was developed from the DP1 range of ploughs and was manufactured in shearbolt form from 4 to 7 furrows and Auto-Reset from 4 to 6 furrows.

With furrow width adjustable by 6 inches (15cm) it is possible to select the most suitable width for the soil type and conditions, maximise work rate and optimise tractor power usage.

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