Ploughs: DP1 HD & HR

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power Max 260 Hp
Tractor Ploughing Position ON LAND
Furrows 4 TO 7
Weight (Kg) 1795 (7 Furrow on UCN Body)
Underbeam 28.5" or 30"
Furrow Width 12", 14", 16"


Manufactured -

DP1 - 1969 to 1997.

DP1 HD - 1985 to 1996.

DP1 Hydraulic Reset 1980 to 1996.

The Dowdeswell DP1 was purpose-built for on-the-land ploughing incorporating sufficient offset to enable all the tractor wheels to run out of the furrow when ploughing. Different offsets were available to match the tractor/crawler which would be used  More modern tractors and crawlers which have larger wheels and tracks than those available at the time the DP1 was manufactured may not be suitable for use with this plough.

The Shearbolt model was available with 4 to 7 furrows, the Hydarulic reset with 4 to 6 furrows.

DP1 Specifications:

Horse power : upto 260

Plough offset: 37", 42", 47", 52", 57"

Furrow Widths: 12" (31cm),  14" (36cm), 16" (41cm)

Interbody (P-P): Shearbolt 34", 36", 39". Hydraulic Reset 34"

Underbeam: Shearbolt 25.5 to 30". Hydraulic Reset 27"


Additional Information


Early DP1 ploughs would have been fitted with bodies purchased from Ransomes or could have been dispatched without bodies for customers to fit bodies from their old non Dowdeswell plough.

Common bodies at the time were UCN, SCN, SCN Barpoint. Later model ploughs could have been fitted with YCN, Slats or DD bodies. Pictures of the plough bodies and parts lists can be found in the Spares & Service section.