Ploughs: DP2 Semi-Mounted

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power 250
Tractor Ploughing Position ON LAND ONLY
Furrows 5 to 12
Weight (Kg)
Underbeam 25.5" TO 30"
Furrow Width 12", 14", 16 "


DP2 - Manufactured 1975 to 1993

The DP2 is a heavy duty semi-mounted fixed furrow width reversible plough with a choice of 5 to 12 furrows, it was available in a range of offsets to suit crawlers or wheeled tractors with either single or double wheels for on the land work only.

Hydraulic depth control was fitted as standard, with a heavy duty wheel, or a twin wheel option. A pivot assembly  was requried for Pivot steer tractors. Later models were available with a front wheel boggy.

Replaced by the DF 220 MA which had adjustable furrow width from 12"-18".

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Available with all the ex-Ransomes body option, UCN, SCN, RCN, YCN also Barpoint and Slatts. Early models may have been supplied with legs only for customers to fit with none Dowdeswell bodies. The DP2 was the only plough available  with an optional h/duty 38mm thick leg. 

Available with 'round' stalk skims at the time of manufacture but can be converted to the current 'square' shank skim option..

could be fitted with rear only  or  full set of discs if required. Cutaway or plain disc optional.

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