Ploughs: DP7 A, B, C, D1

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power 240
Tractor Ploughing Position IN FURROW ONLY
Furrows 2 to 7
Weight (Kg)
Furrow Width 122 , 14" 16"


The DP7 A,B,C,D1 Shearbolt plough, commonly known as the "cam turnover" model was introduced in 1974 and produced untill 1990 eventually being phased out by the introduction of the  "auto turnover" DP7D2 and DP7E models       .

Available from 3 to 6 furrows depending on model (see model guide in the download section, below the images) This was Dowdeswells first plough to compete in the mass market. and became very popular with its light but rugged design. As with most Dowdeswell ploughs there were some "specials" a 2 furrow version was recently discovered in Holland.

Available in 12", 14" and 16" furrow widths with manual front furrow adjustment and a depth transport wheel. Discs could be fitted on all furrows and round bar skims were fitted as standard.

The simpliest way to identify the "cam turnover" DP7 from the later "auto turnover" DP7 is that the turnover ram is in front of the headstock (viewed from the tractor).

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