Ploughs: DP9 Semi-Mounted

This product is Spares-Only
Max Horse Power 280
Tractor Ploughing Position IN FURROW ONLY
Furrows 6 TO 9
Weight (Kg) 2150 to 3400 Kg
Underbeam 27.5" (700mm) to 29.5" (750mm)
Furrow Width 12" to 18"



DP9 Semi mounted Plough (Manufactured 1995 - 1999)

A semi-mounted reverible plough from 6 to 9 furrows in shearbolt form and  6 or 7 furrows as an autoreset model.

Note: over 80 DP9 ploughs were made for Massey Ferusson in 1997 for export to the Ukraine. With the collapse of the Russian economy at that time many were returned to the UK. They are painted in 'Massey' red and badged as MF.


Turnover - patented twin ram system with a smooth and positive action.

Folding Beam - the main beam automatically folds in during the turnover sequence, minimising loads on both the plough and the tractor.

Offset - the folding beam system is used during work to adjust the front furrow width on the move.

Headstock - accepts Cat 2 or Cat 3 and pivots through 180 degrees.

Wheel System - single wheel which folds into line with the bodies as the plough turns over. Screw adjuster allows trimming and matching to furrow width.

Furrow Width - mechanically adjustable from 12" to 18" in 1" increments.

Depth Control - hydraulically operated with screw adjusted stops. Rear of the plough can be fully lifted out of work to keep ends straight.


Additional Information


Available with any of the bodies listed below although the majority will be fitted with DD bodies.

DD, UCN, SCN, YCN, Slatted, 


Early models would be fitted with round bar type skims. The majority of DP9's, those built for the Ukraine were fitted with trashboards rather than skims, some on returning to the UK have been retro fitted with the square bar pin adjuster type skims.

The Disc arm assembly for the DP9 is unique to this model (see parts list) but uses the standard 18" plain or cutaway disc.

All standard accessories could be fitted to the DP9.

Knife coulter, Subsoiler , Trashboards, Tails (dependant on body type), Furrow splitter, Furrow widener.