Presses: Furrow Press Arms

Max Horse Power N/A
Tractor Ploughing Position N/A
Furrows N/A
Weight (Kg) N/A
Underbeam N/A
Furrow Width N/A


Dowdeswell Furrow Press ArmMounted to the plough leg brackets (on shearbolt ploughs) or main beam (on reset ploughs) the furrow press arm is positioned to enable easy pickup of the furrow press when starting the plough run.

Adjustable for running angle the press arms are also foldable for ploughing up to hedge sides and to ease transport widths. Hydraulic push-off kits are also available.

Please state plough model and serial number when ordering a press arm as a separate unit.

Press Arms are available for the following current and discountinued plough models:
100 Series F Shearbolt
100 Series F Reset
100 Series MA Shearbolt
100 Series MR Reset
140 Series MA Shearbolt
140 Series MR Reset
140 Series HA Shearbolt
145 Series MA Shearbolt
145 Series MR Reset
150 Series MA Shearbolt
150 Series MR Reset
170 Series MA Shearbolt
190 Series MA Shearbolt
DP5 Shearbolt
DP5 Reset
DP7 Shearbolt
DP7 Reset
DP8 Shearbolt
DP8 Reset

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