Spare Parts & Service

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Spare parts for machinery on this website are supplied by Dowdeswell Parts Services through the Dowdeswell Dealer network (see Dealer Directory).

In the event that your dealer does not have the parts in stock they can order them either for delivery to themselves or direct to you.

If you are unsure which model of machine you have you can view images of the different models on our product pages.

Should you require any further information please contact the parts department.

Parts Books

Parts Books are available on either the Products or the Downloads section. Once you have located the parts you require contact your dealer to place an order. If the parts book does not appear to be the same as your machine, check the 'Parts History' on the relevant Products page for items that may have been superseded or replaced.

We have a full list of Parts Books for all our machines which are available to download from here.

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Instruction Manuals

We have a full list of product Instruction Manuals for all our machines which are available to download from here.

Service Information

To find the right service documents for your machine browse through the documents here and download to your computer or print a hard copy.