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Dowdeswell plough bodies

Plough Bodies

Plough bodies on Dowdeswell machines have always been a customer specified option. Almost any plough can be fitted with any of the body options available. In the early years many ploughs were supplied without bodies and the customer supplied their own either from an older plough or from another plough manufacturer.

Up until 1993 most bodies fitted from the factory were supplied by Ransomes, but with the acquisition of mouldboard manufacturing machinery from the Ransomes Steel case plant in Wales production of our own body, the DD became possible. Dowdeswell manufactured versions of the still popular UCN, SCN, YCN and RCN bodies still continue with some modifications and upgrades. For full details of plough body modifications see the “plough body parts history” section.

Since then the “DDS” a shallower version of the DD and the “D Slat” have been developed to add to the range of bodies available. Special bodies are also available usually for export ploughs.

Dowdeswell plough skims

Skim Bodies

As with other body parts the first skim body assemblies were purchased direct from Ransomes. The skim shank was always manufactured by Dowdeswell.

Due to supply problems Dowdeswell’s own skim body the "J" type was introduced in 1974. The "K" skim option for fast ploughing with wheeled tractors was introduced in 1985. Both types of skim body use the same wearing parts and the same clamping bolts. All "round" skim shanks use the same U-bolt fixing and clamp block.

With the development of new models of plough new skim shanks were required to cope with different beam sizes and growing under beam clearances. Ploughs with over 29" underbeam required shanks with a re-enforcing plate down the back.

Optional skim wings were developed to cope with different soil and trash conditions. In 1996 the "XL" skim became standard on all new ploughs

The DF 130 was the first model with a square skim as standard. Due to the popularity of the "square" skim. A retrofit version was introduced for older ploughs in 1997.

Further detailed information on skim assemblies can be found in the "Skim History Guide".

Dowdeswell plough coulters or discs

Plough Disc

The disc and disc hub fitted to all Dowdeswell ploughs has been the same since 1975. There is an option of plain or cutaway discs, plain usually being better for grassland and cutaway preferred on stubble or when there is a high volume of trash. Standard discs are 18” (460mm) diameter although there is a 20” option, but this can only be fitted to a longer disc arm. The disc mounting assembly and disc arm are usually specific to the plough model and can be found in the individual plough parts books on the products page. All discs have shear bolt protection, see the shear bolt section for details.



All plough bodies and disc arms on Dowdeswell ploughs are fitted with shear bolt protection. To avoid SERIOUS damage it is essential that the correct shear bolts are fitted. Usage of the incorrect shear bolts can nullify warranty.

To ease indentification all shear bolts are colour coded. See our Shear bolt guide to identify the correct shear bolt for your plough.

Dowdeswell plough shearbolts